Sunday, April 16, 2006

Articles and Sermons

Four months are almost past in 2006 before I thought about keeping track of the articles and sermons I have been reading. Rather than try to remember and reconstruct, I will begin today to keep track of the articles, sermons, and single chapter readings for the year. If I found the sermon or article online, I will try to remember to post a link. If it is a chapter or chapters from a book, I will give the title, author, chapter(s), pages and a brief word about how it related to what I was studying at the time.

Many of the articles come from The Highway's Article of the Month. Others come through my own study or recommendations of others.

April 15, 06
I'll start with the articles I read last night--both from Augustus Toplady

The Resurrection of Christ

The Application of the Resurrection of Christ