Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Articles and Sermons VI

What if There had Never Been a Bible? by W. Graham Scroggie

Christians do not worship the Bible, but the God who therein is revealed, but we do realize, or we ought to, that the Bible which makes the redeeming God known to us is, beyond all estimate, our most precious heritage.

Our present task is to try to envisage the obliteration of the Bible, and all traces of it, in our history, literature, art, music, language, social institutions, worship, service, and individual life.

I cannot hope, within the limits imposed by this lectureship, to succeed in so ambitious a task, but perhaps I may start a line of thought which will lead us to renewed thankfulness to God for having given to us such a book as the Bible, and thankfulness also for all who have diligently studied it, and faithfully expounded it.

This is a very thought provoking article. Scroggie touches on the Bible's influence on such subjects as: art, music, literature, belief, social reform, preaching and revival, missionary enterprise, the individual soul, and home life.

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